This Knee Land! I meant Everland! *grins*

The last time I was here was 2004 (14 years ago).

It was raining which means most outdoor rides will be closed. Their free WiFi isn’t always connectable, so bring a WiFi egg. Everland seems to be built on a slope, so they were smart to build a cable car system. There’s also rental for strollers with plastic sheets on the side to prevent rain if you opt to walk in the drizzle.

Be prepared to walk, a lot. For the popular rides, the queue structure before the reaching rides is like a the noodles of the brain, a maze-like-structure meant to cluster huge crowds. At the time we went, it wasn’t even crowded, and the zigzag line to the Safari attraction was totally empty. It still took me 2 minutes of brisk walk to get from the entrance of the Safari to be waiting next in line. I could have walked faster but I was carrying Hailey through the zigzag.

If maze-line-structure lines were not elaborate enough, the exits of each ride is well placed so that to revisit the ride, one has to almost walk around that attraction again so as to prevent queue cutting.

Q Pass

By buying Everland ticket with Klook, you can get Q Pass which speeds up the queuing. After lining up a few times, you will notice there’s a side path that just takes less steps getting to the waiting next in line. Since you can choose limited amount of Q Pass, do google for the popular rides you want to select.


Compared to Lotte World, I feel Everland rides takes longer to queue and lasts shorter than Lotte World’s. Everland’s bigger too which means getting around burns more calories 😉

Panda World was excellent when the pandas are awake and munching.

T Express was the most exhilarating! It’s structure beams are mostly made of wood. The ride will just throw you off the seat most of the time if it wasn’t for the safety bars.

Safari was amazing. The bus is really amphibian, floating on the water at a certain stage. With it comes a price if it stalls midway through the water.

Costume Performance, although free, needed to be booked at the entrance of Everland. Simple story line of a panda saving his village from the evil monkeys who stole the life of the forest.

Garden of flowers was a location away form all the roller coasters and noise. A lovely place to take beautiful photos.

Parade was just a festival of LED lights. Took this opportunity to shoot in slow shutter speeds.

As like Lotte World, Everland also ends with a fireworks and mouth balls of fire. Unfortunately they disallow anyone to stand during the whole performance, so poor Hailey can only peek through the lalang and dustbins due to bad sitting location.

Enjoy the pictures!