Doing Your Research

We got lost getting to our home-stay from Seoul. Primarily I used Google Maps (for the lack of better options at the time of research) for directions and landed on a train station whose bus stop was 3 floors down with no elevators, and the bus comes only once every 3 hours.

Although the destination was only about 10 minutes drive, it’s impossible when you have luggage bags to drag around. Thankfully it wasn’t raining.

So we go the train master to call us a cab who took us to where Google Maps says the home-stay which was the right dot on the phone but the wrong location in reality. That’s ₩16000 (USD16, RM64). Thankfully he was helpful to ask the neighbors of the ulu ulu home-stay of the actual location and after much reference back to the addresses given, we were driven to the right location just 3 minutes away. That’s ₩10000 (USD10, RM40). There goes a good meal.

Arriving at the home-stay, I had to converse with the host through google translate and it wasn’t until a few hours later she asks where I was from and lo and behold, she speaks Mandarin! Praise the Lord for those years in Chinese school.

Apparently the right way to get to the home-stay was to stop at a designated train station, call a number and the host will pick us up from there. None of this info was given at all.

Thanks to the wonderful planning from my wife, we were the only customer there till the end of the week and we’ll be gone before the weekend crowd comes.

The cabins seems cozy. Heated bed and flooring. Free wifi and a bed on the mezzanine floor. Hailey wants to buy every apartment she spends the night in. Crazy Rich Asians right? XD

Tomorrow, Nami Island.