The day my family line was almost cut off.

It was right after church had a major recording of their own album. Maelodee, Michael and I were involved one way or another. I had been shooting photographs of the event from 10am to 5pm. Then we had to rush off to celebrate my mom’s birthday whose actual day is today…


I was tired. It was raining. Wanting to get rush home for a quick nap before the family gathering.

Was driving on the fast lane up a hill when I saw far ahead, another car, stopped on the fast lane! I hit the brakes, maybe a little too hard, the kancil, lacking ABS and good tires and no airbags and what’s not, locked the steering wheel. The car spun out of control with a hard left turn passing over to the left lane, the bonnet hit the wall on the left (thank God there’s a wall), spun 360 degrees away from the wall and landed in the right direction on the fast lane just a few meters behind the car that was stopped on the fast lane.

Thank God we didn’t hit anyone. Seriously miraculous we didn’t stop in the middle of the road. The car didn’t turtle. The car didn’t explode. We did have an oncoming car from the back which dented our bumper because we were out of sight till the bend. Only a little later did the traffic marshal came to slow the traffic down till we are cleared.

My dad came to fetch us to make a police report. I found RM50.00 on the floor just outside the police station. Hehe. Neatly folded, “glued” to the road because of the rain.

The police recorded down into my name as reckless driving. At least didn’t hit anyone he says. First black record after driving squeaky clean for 10 years.

But more importantly, we still got to celebrate my mom’s birthday as a family, with no injuries or losses (except for the repair on the car, insurance covered RM700, me RM300).

It is definitely a hand of God that Maelodee, Michael and I escape that incident with nothing but a sprained neck from the bang. Really can’t imagine what a tragedy it would have been of a happy occasion turn to be a big loss of all my mom’s offspring in one fell swoop.