Food Food Food

Gwangjang Market contains food from all over Korea. Pancakes of every variety, rice barley drinks, fruits, raw seafood, intestines and innards, steamed buns, raw meat, noodles, candies and salty fish.

My favorite is Yukhoe. A raw dish Korean cuisine, usually made from raw beef seasoned with various spices or sauces. Usually the most tender part of the beef will be used. Thinly sliced with the fat removed, then mixed with seasoning. Raw egg on top of the dish is added. costs ₩12000 (USD12, RM48).

We chose the restaurant to eat based on crowd and queue. My theory is that those shops that ain’t stores were the pioneers, and the street grew in popularity among the tourist till it became a full-fledged market. We ate in a shop that has 3 floors, fast workers, quick service and delicious food. Unfortunately I didn’t jot down the name.