Coex Aquarium was quite a treat. We arrived there quite late and still took our time to read all the descriptions and admire the various aquariums. Hailey’s quite a goal-oriented person. Her mind was set to collect all the stamps (prize : postcard), she hurried us all the time… defeating the purpose of the stamps (which was so you visit the aquarium in it’s entirety).



The golden fish. There’s so many of them and there’s a sign that says “do not feed them”. Yet they look so hungry and gullible. All I did was to pretend I’ve food between my fingers and they will clamour towards me with their mouths gaping non-stop. Thus I’ve got a photo opportunity!

There’s also an animal too cute to be named!

Exotic Marine

Over here if you see a fish, run! Because if the glass breaks, you’ll be a tasty treat. Fortunately safety first in Korea. 18 inches of acrylic glass.

Self Portraits

We had fun as a family. Learned new facts, love sea life more. Save the planet, for we know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth until now.