Mellowing down from the fast paced Everland, we plan to explore Yongin where we are staying. Will go anywhere as long it’s by foot.

For lunch, we spotted KyoChon, an franchise selling honey coated chicken. They only do deliveries, and if you walk in, it’s only take away.

At 7pm, for dinner we tried entering several restaurants and was surprised they were near closing time. Very unlike Seoul. Eventually we stumbled upon this 24H Korean Traditional Restauraunt. It was…. unique. They served silkworm cocoons as a side dish. So unique, how can I not try it! The silkworm cocoons were crunchy upon first bite, and oozes out mushy insides. I can eat it, but not my favorite.

Korean Traditional Restauraunt has the most friendliest staff we’ve encountered. The dishes we wanted to order were spicy. Though we couldn’t communicate well, she knew we wanted non-spicy dish for Hailey. Her reply was “I’ll take care of it”. And she did with plain noodles and some meat.

We ain’t sure either what we ordered, but the meat was just awesome. Huge chunks of beef for you to dig in. As the bones piles up, I’m thinking that if there’s a restaurant I’ll revisit, it will be this place. If you’re still hungry after all that meat, there’s another packet of noodles for you to mix with the remaining gravel that leaves you with an awesome after-taste.