Have played this game for several years now and this the first time I managed to get my name on tiles.

Fortunately Words with Friends doesn’t allow names, country, abbreviations else the list will be endless and lopsided.

Statistics Till Date

I’m sure there are some with mountains higher than mine. I’m here just to play a game that increases vocabulary and brain activity.

151,000 feet is about 46km!

But I’m most happy with 485 7-tile play. A dopamine rush when you find that word!

Any move above 30 points are also a rush. Great to see who is keeping score. Hahah

Scrabble brings back memories of my precious church camps where I was just a little boy, seeing Aunty Vivien and Aunty Joyce as Scrabble Queens.

Play in real life? I’ll be defeated very quickly without the app to indicate if I’ve achieved best possible move with given tiles.

Nevertheless I don’t cheat. So if you do play, and want a friendly game, comment your WWF username below and I’ll create and game!