Rail Bike is exactly what it sounds like. Bikes on a railway track. And yes, if the front fella decide to not go fast, everyone behind will just have to wait. And yes, it’s a bike, you have to cycle.

When wife is motivated, we can get up at 7am to finalize all the packing and hop on the train and reach there punctually, 30 minutes before the counter opens, in the rain. We were so early and no one was there, we thought the rail bike was cancelled due to heavy weather.

The experience was nice. Try not to cycle too fast. Pause once a while especially when you are first, because the ride can end pretty quickly.

This rail bike experience has been odd for me. For some reason my camera’s safety ring came right off. Detached yet unbroken. Thankfully my camera didn’t fall off to the railroad! Secondly just before the bubble tunnel, my memory card was full. So we stopped short of the entrance to the bubble tunnel,  hearing the music and seeing all the bubbles coming out of the tunnel, while I change my memory card so I can capture some pictures…. only to find out that the bubble show was over just when we started to go in. Needless to say Hailey wasn’t too happy and I owe her a toy.

They have a few other tunnels, and one in particular was a light tunnel that blinks. If you suffer from epilepsy, watch out. Even I couldn’t take it, but my camera was having a fun time. Set to 4 second exposure, it was a spray-and-pray to capture some beautiful light trails.

At the end of the tunnel (pun intended), there’s a train and shutter bus ride back to the Korail station.