One Piece

One Piece is a cartoon based on this kid who ate a fruit and gained the superpower of … rubber. And anyone who has superpower sinks at sea. Irreversible. In the age of sea pirates too. Doesn’t help that they have lofty goal of a promise from a dead man that he has the ultimate buried treasure somewhere yonder blue called, One Piece.

One Piece has been a childhood anime. When I started (2000) it was episode 200. Today (Oct 2018), episode 850. And it keeps on going. It’s now a sibling thing, we watch it together if we have time. If they don’t end the series, my kid(s) may watch it too. Dang. I don’t wanna watch it from the beginning.

I noted in Korea, every restaurant has their unique take on food. So I found One Piece Cafe!

No free entry though. Every adult needs to order their own portion of main meals (no sharing). Thus the visit just costs that much more.