Sunday = Church

Today is the last day we’ll be in Seoul before we depart for Nami Island’s homestay. Wifey looked for an english speaking church as near as possible to where we were staying and we ended up with New Philly Hongdae (

We were a little lost, so we got the police to help.

When we entered, it feels like a different world. English finally! Almost like we ain’t in Korea anymore.


Melissa wanted to see the palace but it was raining, there was a demonstration and I think a politician was passing by thus a huge crowd following. So Melissa went there alone.

Because of the rain I took Hailey to what seems to be an entrance under a monument. Underground we went and little did I know it was an exhibition of past generals of war. Korea had war against Japan, and I admire most was their Turtle Ship. A singular ship that surprised the Japanese Navy because of it’s ability to turn on it’s own axis because of it’s flat base. Shielded from all sides, spikes on the roof, cannons at every degree, once it penetrates into the heart of the Japanese ships, it takes down ships by firing and rotating.

Hanu Beef

Ever had Wahyu Beef? Where the cows get paradise treatment, music while massaged with fine oil only to be led to the slaughter house and sold for 100x the normal price. Hanu Beef is said to taste like Wahyu Beef but much cheaper, and only available in Korea.

And so we went. A normal BBQ would have cost ₩11000 (USD11, RM44) per portion, but Hanu Beef though “affordable” costs ₩44000 (USD44, RM176) per portion. We wanted to try one portion but the waitress was adamant each adult must have their own portion. Imagine a dinner that we costs 4 future meals, no thank you. After some sign language due to barrier, they relented and pointed to the Bulgogi set (₩15000 USD15 RM45) which also has Hanu Beef but much cheaper and can be shared. Thus I learned, pretend to leave and they will want you to stay (doesn’t work everytime of coz).

Hanu Beef was quite tender. Tastier than any Bulgogi I’ve eaten. Wished the quantity was more. The side dishes was pumpkin and squid. Quite high class if you ask me.

Right about the same time we were eating, we noticed another table that they didn’t go there for Hanu Beef. Just regular cold noodle dishes which costs about ₩8000 (USD8 RM24).