The land of Winter Sonata. Nami Island was named after a celebrated war general. An island so popular they have their own currency! Melissa bought a coin worth ₩1000 (USD1, RM4).

Being an island, one has to sit a ferry to cross. To make you feel welcome, they hang many flags on the ferry. I think countries with the most paying customers gets their flags flying. Can you spot your national flag?

Although commercialized, they have retained a lot of greenery. It’s safe for kids. Trees are still in organized rows. Playground for toddlers and kids. Overpriced foods and bicycle rentals by the minute.

As a photographer, I went all out with Nami Island. Standard zoom lens, fish eye lens, ND filter, tripod and macro lens. I know there’s a crowd and needed the ND filter to blur them out while I stand motionless for a minute or two… like a mong gui gui fella. The macro lens turn out to be a good sniper lens. Capturing candid of unsuspecting love birds. My shoulder ached at the end of the day!

Most people would go for a day trip starting with Nami Island, then to Petite France and to Garden of the Morning Calm in a day. Thankfully we were there for 3 days so we had Nami Island for the whole day. Hailey played so much she snoozed from the ferry ride, right past dinner and onto back the home-stay.

Hope you enjoy the barrage of images ahead.