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Hagar the Horrible

Penang trip was fun! Though the drive was long coupled with restless toddler, we’ve gotta get creative keeping the kids entertained.

The day started off with having to go to church. It was packed because of a special event for kids.

By the time we were about to leave, the other party with the fast car found out one left their wallet at home.

So we, having the turtle MPV had a great 2 hour headstart on the journey. By the time we arrived at our first destination in Ipoh, we were merely 20 minutes ahead of them.

We went non-peak season, so for the most part we have seats to sit to eat, whole parks and attractions to ourselves, seats in the furnicular, short queues etc

Wife asked me which part of the trip was most memorable. I would say Teddyville. Compared to other attractions, I was able to interact with the kids with the attractions in Teddyville, compared to say, aquarium or dinosaur park.

The rest of the trip is documented in photos and videos. Enjoy!