Those french fries are actually eggplants. Signature dish of 1919 restaurant
Mom always wanna have a good photo with the grandkids but Zacharias usually struggles
Wonderful couple. Wonderful food.
Kisses are usually accompanied with saliva XD
Kids love to blow candles, at every birthday. That’s why they grow up so fast?
Still trying to blow…
Hailey cultivating her drawing skills.
And to the Maelodee who couldn’t join us physically, so we 4K her

Though mom is now in her mid 60s her perseverance to continue in the faith is contagious.

She’s the one who encourages me to join Precept Upon Precept. Learn some Hebrew. Listen to some good sermons. You should hear her discourse on the book of Luke.

I’m quite sure we have been blessed by her prayerful life too.

Thanks mom! We love you!