Food disposer and dishwashers has always intrigue me as a kid. Magical machines that makes food disappear and dirty dishes clean, automagically.

Growing up, my family even till this day, doesn’t have a food disposer. Any waste has to be thrown into this nifty little dustbin with a yellow lid white body. To prevent insects from getting to the yummy waste, the dustbin has to be on an island of water. To achieve this, it  has to be balanced on an upside down metal dish whose base is smaller than the dustbin’s body, and that is put inside another metal dish about the size of the dustbin’s body. Why not a bigger bottom metal dish? Save space.

Nifty legendary dustbin. Apparently family hasn’t float it for years already.

To top it off, whoever topples the dustbin gotta be the one to clear it and put a new plastic bag. This makes us kids experts at balancing acts.

After most meals, family of 5, dustbin will be dripping with brown liquid. So hold your breath, tie a knot, yell for someone to pre-open the front door, hand under the dripping mess and scuttle from kitchen through hall to the garbage bin out front. If you’re pro, you don’t have to mop any drips.

Fast forward 10 years later moving to my own home, I got a food disposer. Best investment ever. Just gotta preplan a plug point for it. And the correct sink hole diameter.

No more dripping liquids. No more smelly overnight rendang curry sauce and whats not. No more rats squeaking outside the gate and cats pouncing on the rats thereafter. Just gotta be cautious of what the food disposer can and cannot grind. It can’t take hair, serai, plastic, strands of vegetables etc. It excels with bones rice noodles shells etc.

Yet when I recommended the food disposer to my dad, he will still not want one. Really not sure why. Sigh.

In any case, the first unit costs RM780 and that last about 7 years because we did throw some nasty ungrindable items that jammed the fella. This was the days before online shopping existed.

After the malfunctioned unit sat dormant for 3 years, I thought why don’t I check Shopee. Hahaha and lo and behold, an even better tech model and prices much afforable, RM309! Different brand but hey the diameter and fitting checks out.

Replacement installation was quick quality of life is once again increased.

What about the dishwasher? Never got around to get it due to kitchen space constrain. In any case the same upbringing taught me to see how therapeutic it is to wash dishes and catch up on podcast sermons while at it.