The “death roll” is a maneuver performed by crocodiles on their prey. It involves the croc gripping another animal in its jaws, dragging it into the water, then rotating, using its body weight to turn over and over, still holding its prey.

Although separated by a fence, I can’t help it notice the menacing watchful glance of the crocodile. Powerful and untamable descendant of a dinosaur. How beautiful and yet fearsome creation God has made.

The leviathan creature in the book of Job also shows how much more majestic and fearsome God is.

1 “Can you draw out Leviathan with a fishhook or press down his tongue with a cord?

2 Can you put a rope in his nose or pierce his jaw with a hook?

3 Will he make many pleas to you? Will he speak to you soft words? – Job 41:1-3

Taiping Zoo (1 hour trip from Ipoh) is definitely better than Zoo Negara (15 minutes from my home). Taiping Zoo’s animals’ distance seems more up close and more well-fed.

The roads are more sheltered with roofs and trees. More exotic animal species available.

Bringing kids there however, the playground and ice creams appeal to them much more than hiking the zoo trail.

Do pray for good weather. Bring a usb fan, umbrella, and a zoom lens.

Do watch out for that fake lion. It’s near the exit, next to a photo booth and costs RM10 🤣

Actually thank God for them. Because I was having so much fun shooting the animals, I forgot to take a family photo.

There are no cheesy shows of selling you bird signatures.

No circus nor penguin dances.

As much as possible taiping Zoo tries to emulate the natural habitat of the animals.

There are free roaming monkeys. So, watch your food and your little ones.

Had a blast. Tiring out the little ones is the goal for a good night sleep. But first, the tired me gotta drive the one hour trip back to homestay.