Finally manage to go outdoors. There’s some interesting backstory to this.

We bump into a new family who had a girl playing with bubbles, and kids are of course drawn to them.

Fishing out my 90mm f/2 lens for some beautiful bokeh, I shot not only my own family but the newly met family as well.

Reaching out to the family, I asked them if they would like the photos, who would say no right lolz.

So I got the mom’s phone number (012-25*****) and put a name to it.

Reaching home and filtered it and all, I wanted to give the link to the mom but to my horror I couldn’t find it!

Digging deeper I discovered Google tried to sync my contacts after I saved it and they only saved the first 5 numbers.

What else can I do to give those images, though free, to that family, just so I could fulfill my word? Should I visit that park every week same time same place just so I could bump into them?

Giving up for the night, I told my wife later about the lost number, and then it occurred to us that the mom’s brother was a highschool classmate of my wife. Thankfully she recalled his name and a few fb searches later I got the mom’s phone number.

So what went wrong? My data plan was slooooow. 10kb/s slow. So Google also didn’t do it’s job right.

On hindsight, I should have mis-called the mom, so that I have the number saved locally, and she would get one too.

Secondly I remember receiving 2 promptings to check the number which I clearly dismissed (sorry, Holy Spirit).

Nevertheless it is a lesson learned to always make backups and listen to the Holy Spirit.