Finally made the jump to Fujifilm from Nikon. As like you, I’ve scoured the internet for reasons why others jumped too.

From an APSC Nikon D300 in 2009, to a full frame Nikon D700 in 2012, to APSC Fujifilm X-T1 in 2016. You can tell I’m a budget hunter as I purchased the bodies the year the manufacturers happened to announce the bodies have been discontinued. Mind you, I bought them just months before their announcements of discontinuation, such coincidence.

The timing to jump isn’t too shabby either. By making the jump in 2016, I can own Fujifilm lenses that are Weather Resistant (WR) compared to my friends who jumped earlier. But everyone has their story, so this is mine.

During a church festival, SIBKL E16, I owned both Nikon and Fujifilm. As a photographer I needed my trusty Nikon and a testing ground for Fuji. However, the Nikon D700 autofocus died the day of the shoot, leaving me with only Fujifilm X-T1 and it’s 18-55mm f2.8-f4 to cover the entire 3 days. Talk about a crash course and On-The-Job-Training (OJT) on using Fujifilm.

After the festival, I sent the Nikon D700 for repair. A week later they quoted me to fix it for RM742 (USD 186) which I declined. The “dead” body can still be used for macro because macro doesn’t rely heavily on autofocus. Feeling defeated I collected it and attached the 105mm Macro (may as well glue them together) and tried shooting. Lo and behold, the autofocus was working! Tried it on ALL my other lenses (70-200mm, 50mm) and autofocus was still working!

How did the Nikon D700 fix itself?

THEORY : The official service center tried to see what’s wrong with my autofocus, did a reboot somehow and it was working again, but tried to make some money off me and pass it off as a hardware repair. Thankfully I declined the repair but they have no way to reverse the repair.

Nikon isn’t to blame, these service centers operate independently. Nevertheless if the above is true, it creates a bad impression.

Do I miss Nikon D700?


Love the hand grip, but not the weight.

Love the battery life, but there’s no wifi.

Love the shutter sound, but lacks of e-shutter.

Love the sensor, but no video recording.

Love the autofocus, but full frame is pricey.

How much do I love Fujifilm cameras you ask?

So we have shelved Nikon. Canon is out of the question. Choices for APSC at the top of the chain is Sony or Fujifilm.

I learned Fujifilm is for good photos, Sony is for good videos.

Fujifilm has good lenses whereas Sony lacks in this area for their APSC.

One good Sony Zeiss lens, I can buy 2 to 3 good prime Fujifilm lenses.

Fujifilm has so many knobs, dials and buttons it brings the geek out in me!

Benefits After Switching to Fujifilm

My dry box has more space.

My shoulders are thanking me.

I can share the night’s events on SoMe (Social Media) within the hour.

I was just circling my fingers on the Fujifilm X-T1 GS ISO dial and my friend thought I was winding up the film.

I get more money in the bank. Once again God proves faithful as I’ve just traded in the Nikon 70-200 VR 2, and Nikon just announced an improved version 2 days later!

I get to look like the japanese tourist when doing street photography.


As always, the age-old question… “what do you shoot?”

I shoot kids, parties, friend’s weddings, church events & product photography. Am a budget hunter and love the technical aspect of photography.

That’s why it’s Fujifilm with a few prime lenses and I’m good to go!