With such uproar over Maxis treating their loyal customers like “water fish”, many are jumping to another fish bowl.

I for one have been paying only RM20@month for my mobile usage. When I top up RM30, my third month is paid for. This has been going on for 4 years! Just imagine the amount of money I’ve saved since the days I pay Celcom RM68 for 250 minutes and 250 sms and have to add RM30 for internet.

U Mobile Prepaid UMI 20 has 1.5gb data, 30 minutes of calls and zero free sms. It sucks because coverage isn’t as great as celcom. But if you are home most of the time, there’s wifi. If you are in KL most of the time, it’s coverage is great. And with just mere Whatsapp, who needs talk time and sms?

It’s a plan that doesn’t suit everyone. Not if you make plenty of calls for business. But if all you need is a little data, this is it.

Am I loyal to U Mobile? Nope. Give me a plan that’s RM8@month with 1gb data only and I’ll jump to that fish bowl.