Spending Spree

The year started off with my Fujifilm XT2 top dials giving problems. While sending in for a free quotation for repair, the service center at Singapore got locked down because suspected of covid, delaying both repair quotation and communication. In my impatience to have a camera on hand to use, I bought the Fujifilm XT4. A month later I also repaired the Fujifilm XT2 for a 10% discount and now it’s a glorified zoom webcam.

To think that would be my last purchase at the beginning of the year, I was so wrong, hahaha. Throughout the year I bought

  • Fujifilm 27mm 2.8 pancake lens for it’s size
  • Bought a metal hood for the Fujifilm 16mm 1.4. Turns out to be the best travel lens due to it’s wide field of view AND near macro capability.
  • Deco Mesh WiFi to improve the home network because I started making some appliance smart.
  • Boya USB Microphone for group zoom meetings.
  • A Xiaomi 11T Pro phone that is practically free. I had the 10T Pro which died twice on me. Xiaomi refunded in full within 2 months. Awesome company!
  • Upgraded my NAS capacity to hedge against HDD price increase.
  • Bought my daughter a Xiaomi Pad 5 to inspire her drawing skills.
  • 6-in-1 Cordless Brushless drill for doing more DIY around the house.
  • Replaced a water pump.
  • Replaced the food waste disposer.
  • Moved from smart watches to a G Shock dumb watch. But hey, battery life can last 22 months without sunlight. Forever when solar charged.
  • MyMosh PD powerbank. Now each bag has one. ABC. Always Be Charging.
  • Fujifilm 33mm 1.4 finally having a nifty fifty lens
  • Mom bought me an Inductive Study Bible.
  • An electric bike. ADO A20+. To save some money on fuel and to burn natural resources instead, aka, body fats. According to stats, I’ve rode 591 km since I bought it on 26th June 2022.


Being out of ministry, I suddenly have a lot of time on my hands. How else did I grow?

Started learning Hebrew language. I get scolded a lot by the teacher along with the rest of students hahaha. Started since March 2022, by December we are still in Level 1 (of 6), being unable to master the grammatical basics of the Hebrew language.

Started memorizing the Book of Hebrews (ESV). I tried memorizing one chapter a month. Completed chapter 1 to chapter 8 but by July 2022 but failed to continue. I will #persevere to complete memorizing the whole book of Hebrews in 2023.

Started reading books!

Precept Upon Precept courses. I would say I have been overwhelmed by other materials till I barely did the homework, much less concentrate in class. But with the Inductive Study Bible now, I’m motivated to colour it through and revisit all the old lessons done previously.


I’m thankful for the Acts Home group for much of the growth. Every 2 weeks we meet to do Bible study, verse by verse exposition on Romans, asking the hard questions in about pre-destination, election, suffering etc.

We love our bibles, and we love our bibles. hahahah

I’m thankful for a loving family. The noise the kids make means the home is filled with laughter.

I’m thankful for health. Kids fell sick maybe 3 or 4 times only throughout the year, and recovered quickly. I fell major sick just once, traced back to cycling after the rain and didn’t shower off immediately. I was sweating inside a thick blanket and the sweat was cold! Recovered in 2 days. Whew.

I’m thankful for providence, and the ability to be charitable.

I’m thankful for protection. One flat tyre. One empty radiator. One broken bicycle rear seat. No one was injured. Whew.

I’m thankful for His Word. So focus on study I totally ignored crypto’s rise and fall. My friends have lost much in the process but I have much to gain from studying His Word. One lost $15k to a scam. Two others lost $60,000 & $7k to the crypto crash.

Travel & Fun

While video editing isn’t fun at all. Once the video is up, it pays for itself as memories for all the years down the road.

What’s Up 2023

Here’s some resolution for 2023. Please don’t hold me responsible for them k. Almost everyone that I asked what their resolution is for 2023… nothing. So at least I’ve something hahahaha

Finish memorizing the book of Hebrews. As I memorize, the Holy Spirit helps to paint a beautiful picture of Jesus as The Great High Priest. Many may know Him as Lord and Savior. But Hebrews shows the importance as High Priest. Hebrews is in the New Testament, but it cannot do without context from the Old Testament.

Don’t Let Strangers Into My Space. I’ve been hardcore on alt news. I’ve like 55 channels on telegram that I follow. Reading just the pinned top 3 is enough to fill the day. After a while I realized that I had better be reading my bible instead. The convenience of the phone allows news and articles to fill up the free time when I should be allowing the Lord talk to me instead.

78kg. Weight goal. I’ve already lost 5kg since I bought my ebike. On top of nutrition and cutting down on meals, the extra exercise really helps. Now to reduce even more till the weighing scale app don’t complain about my overweightness anymore.

Save money for UK trip. 2023 is a big year for my sister. Coming back to do what should have been done no thanks to lockdown. Wedding ceremonies. In Malaysia as well as in the UK. Now being the photographer has it’s perks. hahahaha

PUP Homework Round 2. With the Inductive Study Bible, the motivation is now to colour it thoroughly. As Adrian Rogers once said, a new bible means a messy life. A messy bible means a new life (or something like that).

Practicing Mindfulness. Multitasking comes easy. Try doing just one thing at one time. This allows focus. Just being mindful in the moment, be it a movie or reading a book or blogging or playing with the kids.


Thanks for reading thus far. Hit me up for a chat if anything has inspired you. Cya at the end of 2023!