Repair & Relearn

Having completed my tenth year in SIBKL and a lockdown at hand, 2021 has been a year of repairing things instead of buying new ones, and relearning what I’ve abandoned, or learning new skills.

Relearning : Video Editing

For about 10 years, I was adamant to only take photos, for the sake of harddisk space and avoid the time-consuming part of video editing. I dreaded every time I had to even edit a video. Trauma from my first PC which in hindsight, had a RAM issue that cause the playback to jutter. 

But ever since getting my hands on a Fujifilm X-T4, the IBIS and video capabilities has got me interested in just exploring the world of video editing, again.

All thanks to Jeffrey Tay too, who can quickly point me in the right direction when I get stumped by a problem. For example, having playback problem with 4k footage? Solution : Proxy.

Below are journey videos on my daughter’s channel, Hailey’s World. Clicking the subscribe button is much appreciated.

I Learned the Hassle and Benefits of Shooting 4k

Shooting on a Fujifilm X-T2, immediately I get 4k results. But the editing were just slice and cut. Audio was on camera, unable to make out any conversations.

I Learned that Audio Quality plays a Huge Role

Unfortunately the Fujifilm X-T2 has been well used over the years and the bracketing dial was giving problems.

Sending it off to repair, I had to go back to my Fujifilm X-T1 which is terrible for video as there’s no focusing points in the camera. It focuses on whatever it pleases.

Nevertheless the upgrade I had was purchasing the Rode Wireless Go II (once again, thanks Jeff for the poison). I can now hear Hailey’s conversation  even when I’m shooting behind a glass!


I Learned to Read The Manual

My Fujifilm X-T4 has come! Better sensor, IBIS, flip screen, focusing points for video shooting!

My first trial in video shooting with this new camera. So many things to learn.

Time to read the manuals.

Cute baby Zacharias made an appearance.

I Learned Captioning

Exercise for the body, exercise for the mind too. Here Hailey and I recited the whole book of Jude in one take! I must admit, it took 6 takes.

I did get some words incorrect. Turn on captioning for accurate words.

The selfie screen on the Fujifilm X-T4 comes really handy here.

I Learned Titles

Adobe Premiere has come a loooooong way. Their legacy title section was tedious to use. But now it’s really easy with the rewamp of the Title module.

I learned adding keyframes, adding motion graphics, masking, background music, audio levels & audio channels… all from watching youtube lolz.

I Learned ASMR

Amplifying the eating crunch sound. 

Adding graphics and blending the background.

Scaling the portion of the box that’s hard to read, rendered out pretty nicely.

Should try out some B-rolls with secondary cameras next time.

I Learned Sound Effects

Probably the last video of the year, the uploaded versions are getting shorter as I start to wield that powerful editor razor.

As most editors will testify, most time is spent finding the right graphic, sound effects, font etc.

As such I’ve only begun building up my own arsenal of assets.

Learning : Precept Upon Precept

Spiritual growth is essential. More so during a lockdown and chaotic period. I was drawn more and more to know God’s Word and His character.

Little did I know I’ve already attended 4 courses of Precept Upon Precept in just one year. 

Jude helps you discover what it means to contend for the faith.

Covenant shows you the depth of commitment God has for us, even to the point of shedding blood.

2 Thessalenonians helps us not to be deceived about the Day of the Lord.

Ruth shows us about hope in Jesus being our Kinsman Redeemer.

Repair : Panasonic TV

My parents owned a plasma TV that finally died after 12 years of use. Plasma is now considered outdated, and so old the spare parts are not easily found. So while shopping to find them a new TV, mine died.

I could really attest that things have feelings too. Did my TV see me shopping online secretly wishing I could upgrade mine as well?

Instead of buying a new TV, I unscrewed the back panel (28 screws) to diagnose.

Thankfully it’s just coincidence that a tiny lizard went into my 55″ Panasonic TV and decided to short circuit itself.

A quick search for a whole motherboard part (RM80 + shipping) and my TV is as good as new.  

 Repaired : Water Tangki

Polycarbonate tangki are suppose to last a long time. But when my water bill increased without fail every month, something was wrong. 

It took a water supply cut to discover that the tangki had a small crack caused by it’s own weight. The bottom fold was under tremendous pressure from the volume of water on top.

Replacing is a hassle as it’s on the second floor (RM400 for tangki without the workmanship included). Buying epoxy that is like quick-dry clay and bitumen tape did the trick (total under RM50).

After emptying and drying the tangki, apply ample amount of epoxy to seal the inside, and bitumen on the outside. Next I found something of similar height to the crack and propped up the tangki at the fold to alleviate the pressure on the crack.

Water bill went down from RM120 to the usual RM40. Yay!

Repair : Circuit Breaker

I did my own electrical work for simple things like LED lights. But this one time I shorted the wire and killed a circuit breaker.

Not knowing defeat, I decided to even replace the circuit breaker myself, via watching youtube.

Thankfully I’m still alive. Felt like surgery replacing my own circuit breaker.

Don’t do this at home.

That’s all for now. I’m sure there are more entries like plumping and fixing children’s toys that would just make this post really long.

Thank you for reading till the end. Hope you had a great 2021 too!

Cya next year.