Not every repair can be fixed and sometimes things just don’t work out for the day.

It all started when the toilet was leaking from the roof. Thankfully it’s at the toilet where it can drain off without damaging any electronics.

Naturally one would then check where the leak came from.

And to nobody’s surprise, the roof. But only during a downpour. A tile was broken. Maybe old already.

So the next day my dad attempt to DIY as roof repair is beyond me.

Using my action camera I got a drone-like view of the roof and spotted the broken tile. Yay to me. Muahahaha

In the attempt to DIY, we have to crawl into the tight spaces of that attic. But there’s no board to sleep on. So he brought a board sealed in plastic which is suppose to waterproof it during storage. Upon unsealing in the attic, there was already moldy spots at the corner and horror of horrors termites were found on it.

I must have used half an insecticide spray just exterminating the termites from those wood and the attic area. Just hope there’s no termites problem now. Sigh.

And then wife has to go dental. And took the maid who too has to go dental. And no thanks to Malaysian timing with the eccentric dentist, they were out for nearly 4 hours.

On top of the concurrent dental appointment and roof DIY, I’ve to babysit Zach who is napping and when he wakes, the world stops.

Just thanking God that Zach slept through the Chinese conversations above him and woke after my dad left with his brother who was to help with the roof and I got to take a quick shower.

Back to back hectic day. In the end, roof isn’t fixed, and we are travelling soon, and the dentist in his eccentricity rushed the procedures till the maid no longer wanna go back to him and accidentally left her handbag at his office which can only be collected after his dinner time past 10pm.

Nevertheless all is still well, after attending my Book of Luke expository class, I collected the maid’s handbag, placed a tub at the roof to collect the rainwater, to deal with it after the holidays.