What, now? Not really. This is a delayed post as I let my sister get first dibs on the pictures first.

Meeting the Family

Joseph was here for Chinese New Year. Meet the family, drink tea, learn the language, get ang pao, get a tan, eat pork, etc.

Pre-Wedding Photography

What suppose to begin at 8am at Lake Gardens but delayed by 2 hours will make anyone a bridezilla (hahaha). 10am onwards the sun will be unforgiving. Everyone chipped in. Celine helped with make up. I drove and photoshoot. Mom one-leg-kick everything else. Supermom. And praise the Lord, the weather was still cloudy and diffused till we got most of the photoshoot done.

The internet can be such an inspiration sometimes.

Registrar of Marriage

ROM was fun. Everyone waiting in line looking pretty. I tried to be the first one at the office by 7am to get a number. Unfortunately the bride and groom both has to be present before you can take a number. Being 5th in line meant an hour long wait. And we wanted to roam the rest of Putrajaya for photoshoot location, and lunch. Nevertheless our turn came and having that hour to prepare was ample enough to get it all done in 10 minutes.

And COVID-19 Hit

After the ROM and some local touring, Joseph had to return with his family to UK while Maelodee had to complete some stuff in KL, supposedly to fly off soon when the lockdown began just 2 weeks later.  If you’re too young to experience the lockdown, for the next 6 months, no one could fly, work or travel. Only the essentials like groceries. The sufferings began.   It was a long nearly two years of paperwork, packing, flight checks, long distance relationships before the borders were open in a limited way.  And at long last, God in His Grace and Mercy, the time came for Maelodee to fly.

Lockdown was so long even Zacharias can now walk. And I turned 40.



Happy New Beginning!

And just like tat Maelodee is now in the happy arms of Joseph (dangerously not on the luggage, Super Mom commented), starting a new delayed chapter no thanks to Covid.