After an exhausting day at Lotte World, day 3 was spent locally. No public transport but only where legs can go.

Thankfully Hong Ik University is just busting with life!


Samsung is very much a national household name like Panasonic is in Malaysia.

I was so tempted to buy something but warranty, language and servicing held me back. Just a want for the famous Note 9, not a need.

Samsung show room is so devoid of red color.

Washing machine, rice cooker, dish washer, fridge, TV, sound systems…

I was hinting to Melissa that we should get a tablet for Hailey, to encourage creativity, but Melissa says use pen and paper is better. #savemoney

Kakao and Friends

Cartoons are a big thing in Korea. One can accessorize endlessly to the character you adore. Love the Ryan character? There’re charging cables, cups, cakes, figurines, bags, phone covers etc… all with Ryan on it.

A whole cafe dedicated to Ryan

One of many Ryan figurines

Ryan can’t sing, but he’ll be there

Can you spot butt head?

Take a seat with Ryan. Might as well take a pic.


Throughout this trip, I observed favor upon Hailey. Hailey wanted to play pop-a-balloon and win a soft toy. We won a mid-sized toy, but Hailey has to choose which one she wants. She chose a cat soft toy, but it’s dirty on the side, and it’s the only unit left. Not wanting a defected copy, Hailey chose a bear instead. Favor was upon her and the store keeper gave her both the cat and the bear.

Pop 8 Ballons For a big soft toy

Pop 8 Ballons For a big soft toy. Favor!


Wanna start a music band? There were many circular steps like this one where you can setup and bask. Makes the street more lively, gives you a free promotion and make money while at it. Hailey’s of coz very generous, first thing she wants is to support them and later tearing away because the music is really loud.

Basking was encouraged. Make money while at it.

Dinner @ Little Sheep

Hungry! Too many choices! Not even sure what we wanna eat! So I looked around and spotted some English! Little Sheep

After some MangoPlate and Google food reviews, it turned out to be some kind of Mongolian Buffet with good reviews. The kid ate for free. Adults ₩25000 (USD25, RM100).

Little (Fat) Sheep

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Unlimited amount of sliced beef, pork, lamb and something else

I Eat You Eat We All Eat

Variety of intestines, innards, fish ball, vege and mushrooms

Close up of the hot pot. You have choices of soup. Spicy is tasty.

Still Hungry?

Due to the amount of walking one has to do in Korea, eating a lot and along the way is now a thing. You’ll just burn them off quickly by the end of the day’s journey.

Who can resist Nutella Crepe Banana Strawberry

Street food of Tteokbokki, fish cakes and other yummy stuff. Worth a try!