Went to Krabi for Lily’s birthday (mother-in-law).

Planning to just travel light, I brought :

  1. Fujifilm XT-2
  2. Samyang 8mm FIsheye
  3. Fujifilm 23mm F/2
  4. Fujifilm 90mm F/2

For the most part, the 23mm was the focal length of choice.

Fujifilm 90mm f/2 has it’s uses when on the boat. Also having done some research of where we stayed, they have this beautiful greenery patch for awesome bokeh.

Last but not least, the Samyang 8mm FIsheye has seen some use too! It’s a manual focus lens, but once you set it to f/4, almost everything is focus.

Creating this post has been a grueling process of selection. As travel photography goes, thousands of photos are shot, but only the cream of the crop remains.

Travel gears are always a personal preference. I may swap out the 23mm and 90mm for a 16-55mm f/2.8. But the 23mm provides a low-profile, and it’s light weight too. Ah, first world problems.

Hope this post has helped you narrow down your choice of lenses for travelling.