10 years, 10++ photos. It has been quite a journey in SIBKL. I’ve only ever been in one ministry and that’s photography since 2009.

From Media Ministry to Creative Ministry to MAC (Multimedia And Communications), I’ve lost count how many events I’ve participated in. But one thing is certain that God has been faithful.

I found most joy serving in the big events. Kept serving in the smaller events just so I could be in the position to serve in the big events when they come. From musicals like Season Of the Year, Mad World, Drunk Before Dawn II, to stadium filled events like E16, PJB19 and SIBKL’s 25th Anniversary.

Within the 10 years, I wouldn’t have predicted that I went from single to married to having kids!

With the many memories these 10 pictures stir up, it’s now time for a new season. If I’ve learned anything from John 15, Bearing fruit is inevitable when you abide. Bearing fruit is not my responsibility, abiding in Jesus is.

So wherever this new season may take my family and me, may the next 10 years be fruitful too.