And so I bought a shoe (see up picture).

Shoes don’t have much of a hold in my life. Some people are sneaker heads and collect shoes like Imelda. I buy a Hush Puppies leather shoe for my college days and it’s still with me 20 years later.

But 20 years is a long time for a shoe. Some just starts to disintegrate either from use or negligence. Like my wedding shoes. Trying to be white from top to toe. But worn maybe 3 times my whole life, is now flaky and ready to be discarded.

The longest lasting shoe I had was this hiking boots from Timberland (RM734). Bought at the time when I needed to hike Mount KK in 2011. With it’s proprietary lightweight soles, it scaled the mountain up and down without an issue. The mountain climb was 8km one way mind you. It protected my heels and toes every so often.

Yet after 5 years, the sole wore off and I could slip when slippery. Changing it’s soles was RM99 which then extended the shoe’s life by another 6 years before the sole began to crack. The soles were not the original ones since any shoe manufacturer would rather you buy a new pair than get it repaired.

And so it’s time for a new pair. A comfortable one that I can use to chase my kids around the mall. After the many decades, the shoe technology has much improved. This adidas shoe is made out of fully recycled materials. Which I didn’t know till I bought it. Maybe that’s why it’s only RM229.

For some reason while shopping, 90% of the shoes sold have WHITE soles! Whhyyyyyyy?! I’ve no love for having a high maintenance shoes, nor shoe cleaning products. Shoes are for protecting the feet, and shouldn’t need protection for itself. As such when I went shopping, the choices were limited. Having a B-Shaped feet (there’s 3, A, B, C, where A-Shaped is narrow and fitting), this limits the choices even further.

And thus I ended up with this one.

Oh you thought it was white? Hahahaha!!!

No thanks to photography for over exposing a black shoe till it looks white.

Ok thanks for reading so far. Please don’t throw your shoe at me. XD