On the way to Ipoh, we planned a stop at Gua Tempurung. Following waze, it took us off road into some kampung path. With little to no civilization, no cellular reception, the map on waze has nothing but the route. A wife & a kid & a maid in the car, trying not to panic as the fuel gauge was practically near empty. Man, that feeling of “Oh Lord! Sustain us till we can at least find a petrol station!”

Should we U-turn? Ask for help? Travel till the end of the path to see if it leads to anywhere? What were mere minutes felt like eternity. Turning off the air-con in hope to save a few drops of gas. If the car dies in the middle of nowhere, I’m TOAST! Am I to leave the family in the middle of nowhere and walk to find gas, and to find my way back to nowhere? Remember, there’s no reception on the mobile! I’m so reliant on waze these days I’m practically useless on the road without it. Alternatively we could push the car till we find civilization… or honk… yea honking would help.

Running on empty is such a terrible feeling. You see the gauge is near E. Eventually you have to pump gas but yet, inside you thought of winging it and “trust” in your “eco-friendly” car to get you to your destination. How much more odd it is that we are running on empty spiritually. Each of us have a God-filled vacuum that only God can fill.

Romans 11 : … and you a wild olive shoot were grafted in among the others and now share in the nourishing root of the olive tree…… Remember it is not you who support the root, but the root that supports you.

Jesus Christ is the root and it pays to stay connected to Him.

We did find civilization in the end. And pump petrol after the Gua Tempurung outing.

However I did not learn my lesson. On the way home from Ipoh, car was on the last gauge, a wife & a kid & a maid in the car. Trying to only pump at a Shell station for brownie Bonuslink points, I skipped a few rest stops which only had other alternative brands. Not taking into account the heavy rain ahead, the multiple up hills, the traffic jam, an accident and some waiting…  my heart dropped to the floor as the needle on the petrol gauge hit E. My eyes was more focused in finding whatever rest stop ahead and will now pump whatever alternative petrol brands instead. “Oh Lord! Sustain us till we can find a petrol station!”. A rest stop came, my heart leaped but to my dismay, it doesn’t have any petrol station. Not wanting to panic my wife, as it’s pouring rain, I turned off the air-con (hopefully to save a few drops of gas), nodded that it was very cold, but in actuality praying like a madman under the surface. Very much like a duck who look calm on the surface but paddles hard beneath.

Maybe I spoke a “lie” to myself once too often. is full, is enough. XD

It all ended with a sigh of relief at R&R Sungai Buloh Petronas. Toilet break for everyone, ice cream for the kid, and my wife knows none the better (unless she reads this post XD). Whew! Worth that RM97 filling it to the brim instead of being stuck in the middle of the highway with torrent rain and waiting for help.

My guess is, when the fuel indicator lights up, you would still have about 20km left. Thereafter you can still run on fumes.

But why risk it. Stay connected to Jesus Christ please. Don’t run on empty, because it ain’t a pleasant experience at all.