A jumbo sale for homeschoolers to ditch what they no longer use for cheap. Hailey was constrained to a maximum of 20 soft toys. So with 3 bags full of soft toys, among other stuff we no longer use, we cart them all to the centre.

Though we sold some stuff, we also bought some back. No one says there’s a limit to books right? haha

I found Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World, for only RM1.00!

The full set of Maze Runner (4 books), for only RM10.00!

The odd part of the sale was that everyone was just willing to let go but not many wanna buy stuff even though they are under-priced. It was after all, a place to almost give away stuff that your family have outgrown.

The oddest part was this “Marriage Rules” poster that was given to us during a cell party. It’s nice and lovely but no one wants it, even when it’s free. Someone took it for free but her mom said please give it back, and so it came back to us.

Overrall a fun day of being a kuli (slave), driving, dragging the merchandize, selling, dragging back what’s left and also of coz, paying a rent for the space to sell. More importantly is the haul we got. Used books, used legos, used toys (and a hard hat) that will keep both kids and adults entertained instead of screen time.