Keyword of 2018 is Change. Big changes made this year fly by quickly.

Change Workplace

I use to work at Ampang Park, but since it’s been gazetted, adjusting to the new environment of a fully online retail shop feels surreal (

Change Cell Group

Had been in Joy of the Lord cell for 12 years. That’s a life journey in itself. Now with a kid, we have to find a family cell with kids too. As such we explored different cells for nearly 6 months and landed in Cloud & Fire as our new cell family.

Change Government

9th May 2018 will go down as a significant day in our history. The change of government affected the whole nation for the better too! Who can complain when GST went from 6% to 0% overnight!

Change Car

Thanks to 0% GST, almost everyone bought cars. New cars. Except me. I downgraded from Mercedes (old model, consuming RM0.23/liter) to Myvi (old, old model, consuming RM0.18/liter) just to save on fuel as my driving is usually within the city.

Change Ministry

A ministry restructure. Have been and still am in photography ministry since 2009. It was the usual “same old same old” routine till this year where a top down restructuring took place, for the better. It is an exciting journey although some things have to be done from the ground up again.

Change Phone

Goodbye Apple, hello Samsung! In the day of Face ID and iPhone X, I’m hanging on to my iPhone 6s because it has TouchID. The true reason is that I’ve a vendetta against Apple. I had an iPhone 6 Plus and it got bendgate 3 months later. The gripe is however, Apple knew it would bend but lied about it and only offer replacement for affected device 4 years after the iPhone 6 was launched, effectively everyone affected would have bought a new phone by then.

So when the time for upgrade came, Samsung Note 9 has rave reviews! Big battery, big screen, fast, stylus included, no compromise, no notch. It helps to have a steep discount on Shopee too. Thanks Shopee!

2019 The Year Ahead

What will the year ahead unfold?