This has to be the hand of God. After sending in my Nikon D700 for autofocus repair, Nikon said the repair cost was RM742.00.

Deciding against repair because the model is not only obsolete, spare parts will be more expensive in the future, and any future repair is impossible. So I just decide to use the body with a macro lens only (macro photography works best with manually).

3 days after having it sit on my desk, I plugged in the macro lens thinking this is it, forever stuck to this body…. and the macro lens auto-focused! Amazing! Tried with all the other lenses and it worked perfectly.

My theory is that Nikon fixed it by resetting the software, but wants to make a quick dollar off me. Quite mad with them but I’ve no prove to my theory.

Nevertheless I am not going to sit around with it and use the D700 in case it fails again, then I’m back to square one. Took that fella, trade in for a fuji lens. woohoo! Hello Fuji 90mm f/2 😀

And so, as of today, I have 4 Nikon lenses and no body to use them. Time to sell them all!