Never really fancied watches. Wanna tell time? Just flip out the phone! That was a decade ago.

Fitbit Surge

Whelp, my needs have since evolved from the college days. With Fitbit Surge being my first smart watch, it has E-ink, can count steps and a promise of 7 day battery life.

But the battery kaput exactly 2 years later, which is the period of the warranty. What’s worse is that I bought it on impulse while on a trip to Australia. How la to claim warranty.


Second watch was a nice Seiko. But I let my kid throw it around thinking the mechanism was indestructible. For sure it was not. That’s a lesson learned. RM500 down the drain. I still kept that watch around for it’s stainless steel band would come handy one day.

Samsung Galaxy S3

A few years of watchlessness later I got a Samsung Galaxy S3 smart watch. Second hand. Like new. Half price. Already 2 generations old. Beautiful watch faces.

But needing to charge every 4 days was starting to be a chore, especially if you wanna track everything from sleep to exercise. And when the battery deteriorated, it was charging once every 1.5 days conservatively.

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 & 6

So with many lessons, I learned what kind of watches I want. Long battery life, durable, light weight and affordable. In comes Xiaomi Mi Band.

Usually under RM170, these bands have different charging adapters for every generation. No kidding! But the battery can last 12 days!

12 days which include sleep and exercise, waterproof and heart rate. It’s not an all in one as GPS, app notifications, altitude meter etc are reliant on the phone. But hey, durable waterproof and nearly 2 weeks of battery life.

Since it wasn’t entirely reliant on the watch for metrics, I could use the phone for half the time including cycling tracking which I used the most.

So all I actually need is a watch that tells time. Smart watch being smart watch the display always sleeps.

When I have a baby bag on one shoulder, and carrying a baby on a tantrum on the other arm, I found myself constantly having to touch the display with my other hand, or awkwardly swipe up with my chin just to be able to tell the time.

Casio G Shock

And so we have arrived at my bright colored new Casio G Shock. My mom said why so kiddish. But at 40, I’ll YOLO it.

Shockproof, waterproof, afforable at RM374 (retail at RM870 I kid you not).

It has Tough Solar which means it can charge the battery with any light. Will run out of battery only in total darkness for 18 months.

It has Bluetooth which when paired to the phone, auto adjust to the accurate time 4 times a day. And when you fly to another time zone, it will auto adjust to that local time when your phone does update. Neat!

Last but not least, I can now tell time at a glance. No more swiping with my chin and getting odd stares in public.

If you’ve read thus far, thank you. There may be another watch update a decade from now. Due to cost I don’t think I would be an avid collector. Just needing the basic fundamental of telling time quickly and accurately.