I get to spend time everyday with them. Some days I feel their growing independence is a reminder that the window of opportunity to instill godly values is limited before they fly away on their own.

Aww, they love Wonder so much. But die² still no pets allowed hahaha

One good non-negotiable when I first got married was that we will not have any pets.

On both sides of the family, the pets were somehow acquired either from a promise of future good behavior or helpfulness around house chores and will love the pet and care for them forever and ever and ever…. But a few years down the road the parents ends up with pet maintenance.

As now I become a parent, can’t imagine the extra responsibility of taking of pets on top of kids. There’s pet food to buy, pet toys, pet grooming, pet shit to pick up. Grrrrrrrr

I love pets by not having one at all.

I did have pet rabbits with I was 5. All I had to do was play with the rabbits. Iirc my parents said the rabbits will follow after we shift to another house but the rabbits never came. They were breeding nicely though. Elevated on chairs in a cage so that their poop will drop down and can easily flush away. Sometimes the newborn rabbits will get their head stuck in cage and die. But hey, they can make more. Hahaha. Anyways maybe that’s why I hardened my heart towards having any pets thereafter.

I digressed from the topic, but point is, I’m thankful for the pets that other people have, so my kids can just play with them when they do meet. And I don’t have to maintain anything. Whew.

Zacharias DIY

I gave Zacharias a power drill the other day. He loves pressing the power button. Of coz I fit it with a less harmful screw bit rather than drill bit. It excites him to then find any hole in the furniture to pretend drill.

At 2 years of age he’s now curious and with a toy hammer in his hand, he’s banging away at stuff.

Hailey with multiple expressive personality.

Never a quiet moment with Hailey she now enjoys bike rides with me. An added 20kg to my electric bike is no joke, but still manageable. Better to ride with her now than when it reaches the capacity limit of 100kg.

Even now I have to pedal hard and only use the pedal assist at it’s slowest speed, on flat or downhill, just to prolong the life of the motor.

What about uphill? Hailey continues sitting while I walk and use the throttle lightly.

Having a 6 year age gap between them has its pros and cons. Pros are that the interest, toys, needs, attitudes are different. Cons being play criteria and friend circles can be vastly different. Nevertheless we make do and they make do to play with each other often and grow up together.

Zacharias, like most boys, has a natural fascination with cars and construction vehicles.

What’s unseen is that the the time just flies by. One day they are crawling, next walking, next talking, next demanding, soon flying. Kids grow up too quickly.