My garden has been a work in progress for ages. There once was grass but the grass died.

Then with empty soil there comes weeds. And with it snails.

Then cemented it up with some slabs. But the seeds that the wind blew grew weeds between the slabs and cement.

Finally a decade into this home, my uncle came the cemented the whole thing nicely.

But I still couldn’t put the clothes under the sun to dry as there are 2 running wires cutting across the garden in which sparrows will perch and definitely poop from.

Come to think of it my garden is a toilet dump for sparrows lolz.

In comes this canopy that I found online. Everything fits! Getting the measurements right is crucial. Tension on all ends to ensure rain water to not accumulate. A slope to drain the water off properly.

And now the clothes are protected from the sparrow’s feces.

Before and after the canopy self installation.

Let’s just hope the material is long lasting and durable till kingdom come.

At the same time I cleared the rain gutter which has some accumulated dirt that resulted in weeds growing in it lolz