First time to be camping as a family. Setting up the tent was easy as someone when Mel says, “why not get the camp commander’s help”, what came out of my mouth was, “my ego says no”. Hahahah

Reminiscing the times when my family when to Taman Negara for camping when I was 5.

In the tent mid noon, Hailey asks “where’s the aircon? I’m so hot.”

Another funny thing was that after she poo poo in her portable potty, she asked “how to flush?” Haha

Hailey eventually overcame her fear of the bridge. Just gotta add some competition into it. Hahaha

She took the camping trip quite well, enjoying the night walks, the river and treasure hunt.

Open to public, entrance fee was like RM2. Bring your own everything. Which is what we did. Overpacked for a luxurious overnight stay.

Can your phone shoot smooth river photos like the above?

Mine can’t too. Hahaha! Needed my trusty camera on a tripod for it.

Good food are like gone in 60 seconds.

While jungle trekking, there was this slope where 4 father’s stationed themselves to help the team down. For Hailey they said “pass the kid”. That became Hailey’s highlight of the trip 🤣.

Overall after the pain of carrying, clocking in 6000 steps before 12pm, camping was fun.

Just need to pack less. Rough it out.

If you are interested, MY Back to Nature.

Till next time.