Multimedia And Communication (MAC) is 6 months old. Branched our from Creative Ministry (CM) since Jan 2018. A photography ministry which I had been in since 2009.

How we have grown. From pure archival of pictures to utilizing them on pre-service loops, website, Instagram, print and of an ever compiling of memories.

As leadership changed, so did it’s members. 9 years is enough to see one from recruit status to dinosaur status (veterans). From single to dating to married to having kids. New blood is great as old gears does seem to get heavier.

Anyways, MAC is new, and promising. Am excited where the next 9 years will take me if I’m still in photography then.

The big events are a factor that keeps me going. The anticipation of the crowd, the heavy presence of God, being in the middle of what God is doing.

May refer to E16 and PJB as example.

Had to do presentation on a planning system to the team. So not comfortable with the mic, yet. The way I sound when my voice comes through the speakers. The silence when everyone is listening intently but it seems like they ain’t. The brain just freeze. LOL

Well, more practice coming up. Planning a Photography 101 open to all.