Life of Samson and Israel lines up.

Samson is to follow 3 special laws, never cut your hair, never touch a dead body, never touch the vine.

Israel, book of Leviticus.

Samson downfall was foreign women.

Israel downfall was foreign gods.

Samson’s primary driver in life was, what pleases him.

Samson used a jawbone and slayed a bunch of Philistines. Why would God fill Samson with His Spirit and His Power just so he can do something pity and vindictive?

LESSON : Never assume just because God uses you powerfully means that you are right with Him personally. This is the oldest deception in the book.

There are men who go through life experiencing the blessing of God, it means that they must be right with Him. IT DOESN’T!

Delilah. Seduced him to reveal his strength. He gradually make him reveal his secret as he started to mention his hair.

LESSON : Women, make, men, stupid.

“Gouged out his eyes”. They used hot metal prongs to sear his eyes and used a knife to gouge out the remaining flesh in the sockets.

What is it that we are to learn from Samson’s tragic life?

  1. We are our own worst enemy. God has given the blessing, but we sabotaged it.
    1. Samson was impulsive. Driven by stomach, by anger etc. You cannot be driven by the flesh and lead by the Spirit at the same time. Can you say “no” to the lust greed pride in your life? If you can’t, there is an expiration date on your life, ministry, relationships and family.  You are a walking time bomb.
    2. Samson was compromising. The harm was driving out the presence of God from your life. Compromises in your integrity, in entertainment habits, in giving. What if the real problem is those things remove God’s presence from you. There is a God who sees it even if nobody else does.
    3. Samson was unteachable. He’s a one-man show.
    4. Samson was proud. He thinks he’ll never lose his strength. We assume that our past blessings guarantees our future success. An indication is in how little we pray.
    5. No matter what happens, it’s never too late to cry out to God.