SIBKL Young Adults just had their Romans Quiz. Full house! Each zone has so many cells (each an average of 12 people) which has so many people that were so fired up that the competition was stiff.

My cell, Joy of the Lord had a mere 6 participant but we won 4th place! We almost didn’t want to join. Wanted to pull out. We know we don’t know our geography. But we persevered!

We aced the mapping module with last minute study.

We aced the memory verse module (38 of 40 points). Coz, ahem, I memorized the whole thing 😉

And we did pretty good on the multiple choice question with an average of 33 of 40 points.

First prize had RM1000, we won a fraction of it; but my life is now so much more blessed by this exercise by having more than Romans 3:23 under my belt.

Hopefully next year will have another quiz. Woohoo!