My siblings and I have this odd thing when making a decision. We flip a coin. But not in the conventional way.

Scenario : We are terribly undecided whether to eat at home or eat out. 3 of us will be undecided even after weighing our options. Stay home and save money and petrol and eat simple and catch up on watching One Piece anime…. or drive out, get sweaty with the crowd, wait in line, eat in the noise then head back to watch just one episode.

Still being undecided in our decision, we’ll flip a coin. Heads and we’ll stay home, tails and we’ll eat out.


And now comes the best part. We disagreed with the coin. So we stayed home to catch up on the long overdue episode of One Piece.

We don’t always disagree with the coin. Just sometimes. But somehow the flipping helps solidify our decision. Or maybe just to make up our minds. Or our hearts are already made up but the mind isn’t.