The time has come! After E 16 & PJB 17, all the preparation of once again being ready to serve as a photographer is nigh. I was armed to the teeth!
But then the words came.


Unity was essential. Since it’s a Sarawak event, we have to submit to the leadership in Sarawak. For my case, I’ve no clue back then they needed a Data Collector (DC). Mind you, this is my first time being a DC. Incidentally my name is also DC, David Chong.  Definition of a Data Collector : Collect both raw and jpg from photographers. Filter them. Edit them. Give to Social Media. Make copy for the other churches… deadline is before they fly off the next day after the event.



Though I tried to shake off the new role, the Lord was reminding me of a prophecy I received wayyyyyyyyy back in 1997.  tldr; I’ve got some fruits (talents) that I’m not willing to let others use, no matter how much they shake my tree. But God shoke my tree this time.

So I went from this to this…

Armed to the teeth

  1. Fujifilm XT-2
  2. 16-55mm 2.8
  3. 50-140mm 2.8
  4. Fisheye
  5. Monopod (for fisheye’s wider view)
  6. Flash & Magmod
  7. Big fat bag.
  8. Cap for rain or shine
  9. Spare memory
  10. Spare batteries

Data Collector beginner set

  1. Laptop & it’s power brick.
  2. USB3.0 Card reader. 
  3. Custom made laptop cooler. Prevents throttle.
  4. USB 3.0 hub with external power.
  5. Own extension cord.
  6. 3tb harddisk.
  7. Another 3tb for backup.
  8. 2 more harddisk in the suitcase just in case.
  9. Forgot to bring keyboard and mouse. lolz. Table like no space anyways….
  10. Extra stuff : Wifi router, network cable, connection cable of sorts.

When the Rubber Hits the Road

Working with these bunch of people was the most fun for sure. Never a dull moment, boss was always keeping us on our toes, the whole event pass by very quickly over those 2 days.


10 Photographers
319 gigabytes of photos
13,404 Unique Photos (jpeg count)

The Presence of the Holy Spirit

While serving, one may not immediately sense the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. However it is felt in

  • The unity of the volunteers. We only really met face to face on the actual day.
  • The hunger of mass crowds. How they gather at the gates at 12pm when the pre-event only starts at 5pm!
  • The miracles taking place. There was a bad haze (Google for “Haze September 2019). Yet during that 2 days, there was like a bubble of protection. There was still haze outside the field, but barely felt while in the field!
  • The healings that took place. Healing has verification in place. So the numbers are not made up. Testimonies from the pray-ers who saw miracles unfold before their eyes. If one does not believe in God after these, will have their hearts hardened further. Even demons believe there’s one God (James 2).

Malam Pentakosta Youtube Day 1 (Worship & sermon)

Malam Pentakosta Youtube Day 2 (Worship & sermon)

Sarawak for Jesus (Official Victory Report of Philip Mantofa)

Last but not least, all Glory be to God for His beautiful presence that surrounds us. It is for these moments I do what I do and hope to continue doing as we all serve the great King of Kings.

I actually gained more by serving. The hunger I see in Sarawak reminds me of the hunger I need to have for God. Living in the busy big city with its distractions, one can feel satisfied and complacent in their spiritual walk. Make time to pray, make time to study the Word, make time for God.

Hi everyone,

I truly value all that you’ve done & the excellence you’ve displayed throughout your stay here in Kuching.

Yesterday evening at our final debrief with the heads of division, they were so humbled at your servanthood.

It’s really a first time for them handling something of this extent. On top of that, they really didn’t believe how all churches of every denomination could work together & get things done. When they looked at the mountain of tasks they had to do, they were completely overwhelmed.

BUT when they looked at you guys persevering through the heat & sweat, standing throughout the night, marking the stage, marking the grounds, arranging gazillions of chairs, carrying boxes of water & food for them, holding those heavy cams & equipment throughout the night, packing, cleaning & collecting trash … they were floored.

They’re SO SO blessed & felt so inspired. That you would just flow right in, despite of different styles of working, whatever your positions you held. And that you would do it for Sarawak.

Im so very proud of you guys! Truly truly SIBKL! I know that you served with excellence because you are faithfuI ☺ I know that your labour of love is because you really love God.

Aiyoh I really ❤you guys lah. But I know that God is even more proud of you guys than I am!

Thank you for being pockets of lights for Jesus!!!