Dear Zacharias, Mommy has been trying to give birth to you since 2am. It’s now 6:34am. 4 hours of excruciating pain and pushing. Just a bit more and you’ll be born. You can do it.

You are born during the time of an Movement Control Order lockdown because of the Coronavirus.

Hailey your big sister is waiting for you expectantly at home. We all love you very much!

Your daddy is just standing there feeling quite helpless as mommy is just panting away at the pain that is unbearable.

Your heartbeat is at 131 bpm. It drops occasionally due to contraction. You’re sleepy in the tummy because of the pain killers. The dilation has been at 8cm from 5am to 7am.

In context, here’s a picture of the dilation required. 10cm is just nice for the baby to squeeze through tightly.

The doctor is worried as your heartbeat has started to become unstable. He is planning to give mommy one more hour to try to give birth to you naturally, or to do a Caesarean. Caesarean will cost another RM10k, but besides the money, there’s also risk of infection and blood loss. Plus another extra week in hospital just for recovery.

We have no choice already. Praying like mad for God to intervene. Mummy has been groaning that the pain is unbearable, unbearable, unbearable. I’ve never seen her screamed so much in my life. We gave the doctor the OK to do a Caesarean. He was filling up the form as quickly as possible. The form that indemnifies the hospital in case of complications. The doctor told us that we can’t delay that extra hour anymore as baby’s heartbeat is now unstable.

At the nick of time, GOD intervened. When SUDDENLY mommy had a big contraction. The doctor checked, it had opened to 9cm and he said let’s do this. There’s a proper way to push and mommy’s first proper push had your forehead in sight. After nearly 5 hours of contraction and pain, mommy’s already very tired. But doctor said just one more push, as the head is the biggest part of the body, once that’s out, the rest is easy. Mommy gave one more big push and your whole head was out.

The doctor quickly pulled you out, cut the cord and the nurses wiped you down. They rushed you out quickly to pump oxygen into you as you didn’t cry when you were born and you were not moving, sedated from the pain killers. After a few minutes, we heard cries. We thank the Lord that He has given you life.

Later on the doctor told us that mommy’s pelvic bone seems to be the issue because it was blocking the dilation from fully taking place. With Hailey, mommy got an Epidural so the pain wasn’t as unbearable. But for you Zacharias, the dilation was quick to 5cm, and it slowed down from there. Epidurals cannot be administered when the dilation has reached 5cm onwards.

The doctor have had tried to push the pelvic bone back many times, and hope the dilation to happen, only to have it slide back into place again. It is a miracle, God’s perfect timing, by His grace and mercy, dilation took place after the final time doctor pushed it and wanted to do a Caesarean.

Daddy haven’t prayed this hard since MCO started.

Prayer requests have been sent via Whatsapp to family and friends. God really heard our cry.

So Zacharias, remember this. You are loved. We would have had you no matter what. And God has a plan for your life, for Zacharias means God Remembered.

You are named after my favorite Apologist of all time. Ravi Zacharias.

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