Green lasers and camera sensors don’t mix!

Dumb dumb I go shoot into an “Aurora” light show. They used green lasers and fog machines.

So my Xiaomi 11T Pro camera sensor has been permanently damaged. It will always have this cross hair “filter” even if I shoot in the dark.

I wonder how much replacing the camera module will cost. Should I get a new phone instead? Just because of a faulty camera? This device has like 4 cameras. Normal, wide, macro and selfie.

Would I always change to a new phone when one part dies? In that case there are many parts that can fail. Battery, microphone, screen, speakers, wifi, bluetooth…. Maybe a repair should be the option here.

Technically I last changed my phone 3 years ago. This 11T Pro was free because the 10T Pro was faulty and Xiaomi fully refunded the 10T Pro. Ah see how the brain justifies the next purchase.

Maybe I’ll just wing it till more parts give up it’s ghost.

Previously I had the Samsung Note 9 which by my own doing, went under running water the microphone died. I did try to live with it as long as possible but the situation was funny. I bought a RM6 headphone jack microphone, but then it would disable the speakers. So I would have to plug in the microphone to speak, then pull out to hear, then plug back to speak. Or else I had to wear a bluetooth headset throughout the day, and answering a call took time to turn on the bluetooth and by then, the caller puts down on their end already. The inconvenience raise a cause for changing to a new phone. What’s funny is that the Note 9 actually has 2 microphones. One for calls and another for video. But all the call functions only use the call microphone and will not enable the video microphone (understandbly).

I’m learning to be thankful this year. So, I’m thankful that it isn’t my mirrorless sensors that got burned. That would be costly.

I’ve also been musing about light and sensors. God is light. And not just sunlight. He can control what light does. The light that blinded Saul of Tarsus. A light that is brighter than a thousand suns. Or even a light that can burn any camera sensors to crisp. Who can record anything during the second coming of Christ when he returns? I mean cameras would the least of the unsaved’s problems. His presence causes mountains to melt and valleys to be lifted. Incomprehensible God.

The final video before my phone sensor got fried.