Trying to be Smart

We bought our tickets from Klook to buy our discounted Lotte World tickets, we had to actually get the tickets from a South Entrance. Trying to be smart, we followed the Lotte World directional signboard instead of the directions given in the Klook‘s email.

One of many Lotte World’s Entrances

Retraced our steps. Found the south gate, a few hand signals and QR codes later, we’re in!

Mel and I had to take turns to take care of Hailey as Hailey hasn’t hit the 140cm height minimum.

Thankfully we went on a non-peak day, so there’s barely any queue. The smart thing to do is to sit all the popular rides first.

Lotte World takes into consideration that people bring their belongings with them. Almost every ride has a bin where you can stash your bags. The only way to lose your belongings is to forget to take them as you leave each ride.

Magic Pass

Lotte World has Magic Pass that gives you the ability skip queue. At first glance it seems unfair, but now I think they implemented it well. You are only limited to only 3 Magic Passes. Once booked, a time slot will be given to you where you can skip queue, usually 2 hours later. You can’t just pop up at a ride and skip the queue.

At the end of the day, we walked about 14,000 steps.

Benches with Lotte World theme

Rainbow Cake


Hailey’s having fun sneaking up on a bird

Lotte World Castle

Bungee Drop is still fun even if you have to sit it alone.

Atlantis. One of the best rides with long queue

Look at those happy faces. It has gotta be fun!

Atlantis ride. One of the best!

Dome Express. There’s this yellow ride that puts a smile on the skyscraper.

Gyro Drop with birds eye view

I love the Gyro Drop. It takes you up to a breathtaking view of Lotte World as it spins upwards. When it stops, it drops! I think my heart and stomach was left up there XD

Indoor Pirate Ship

Hailey sat this Kids’ Bungee at least 30 times.

Hailey makes the ticket worth by sitting this ride 30 times


Hailey’s very enamored by the parades and lights. She’s wanting so much to touch and hug one of the mascots she went past the boundary lines. Thankfully they are so kind and considerate to Hailey.

Lotte World Let’s Dream Parade Vehicle

Hailey wants to touch the parade vehicle

Hailey wanted to touch one of the mascot

Such a beautiful smile

4 princesses tailed by the clean up crew

Closing Time

Lotte World closes quite late. Apparently there’s a ticket discount after 7pm. Thereafter I saw massive amounts of students!

Rides goes on but being dead tired, we wanna sit the “hot air balloon” before we ciao. First time I’m so happy I brought my fish eye lens.

Hot Air Balloon that doesn’t need hot air, with an obvious sponsor.

Lotte World Bird Fish Eye View

Famous Carousel Photography Technique

Leaving Lotte World a Princess