UPDATE 2016-02-27 02-36-07 : Found the REAL culprit. I’m experiencing bend-gate. Sigh. And there’s no warranty for it. Apple sucks. To get it replaced, I’ve to fork out RM1700 for a one-to-one exchange. And I can’t get a better model, or even a worse model, will be the exact same model with same storage. Stupid Apple policy. That would mean the bend-gate issue will still be around! I hate Apple.

UPDATE 2016-02-10 12-01-39 : Found the real culprit was “Speak Screen” option. In theory iPhone created an additional “layer” looking for a “swipe down with two fingers”, thus making my iPhone touchscreen unresponsive.

If you are like me, facing iPhone 6 Plus iOS 9.2 Random Frozen Unresponsive Screen, here’s the solution.

Turn off “Hey Siri”.

I’ve almost wanted smash this iPhone to jump to Samsung or something else just because of this touchscreen problem that has persisted since the iOS 9.2 upgrade.

So yea, Apple no longer care about those phones that are not their flagship (currently iPhone 6s and 6s Plus).