The NAS is truly one of those hardworking devices that runs 24/7 without complaining… until when there’s no more space.

NAS was complaining about low storage.

Already my available capacity is 10tb but on top of being a RAID system which means it actually has 20tb in the device, half is for redundancy and 1.3tb is for system resources leaving me with 8.7tb.

So with up to 90% capacity occupied, the NAS now warns that I should upgrade.

And so we go shopping! After holding off buying new hard drives for over 5 years, of which 2 hard drives were recycled from older systems (3tb and 1tb), my patience has been awarded with price drop for the 6tb. If I had purchased it 5 years ago, the price was RM1100, but today it’s RM800.

Installing First 6TB

The reason why I had to hurry and upgrade was that the currency has depreciated in value from 1 USD = 4.4 MYR to 1 USD = 4.7 MYR . If they don’t raise the price today, I’m pretty sure they will increase it before year end.

Installing Second 6TB

And so with near 16 TB of storage available 24/7, I hope there is no more need to upgrade anymore. I mean, 16 TB of data on demand? Who needs that?!