Being encouraged to give Peak Design Everyday Sling 10L a look, I was hooked. Bought the ash color just to look hip and cool.

It’s quite a bag, with origami tech to hold several lenses or expand it to hold a big one.

However it gained a yellowish discoloration and a broken zipper a year later. I’ve to admit the bag did take a beating. Weathering through rain and sun and dirt over countless events.

Old bag with the malfunction zipper

When a friend told me, heyz, have you tried their lifetime warranty?

Wham! 2 weeks later I got one for one exchange, free of charge! I can also wait till the new bag arrive first before sending back the old one. On top of that Peak Design will refund the postage cost of the old bag.

Such great customer service that makes me a loyal customer.

Thank you Peak Design!

The new bag seems to have fixed old issues and the color is different than the original ash color.

I wasn’t allowed to change to the black version, nor another model.