This may be a long post of reflection with all the threads of life interwoven together. The longer I ponder about it, the theme “uprooted” sticks. Some good, some bad, no point you judge.

2006 – Growing up in the same church (TOD) since I was born, would inevitably have a lasting memories. The youth camps, concerts, change of church location etc. After 20+ years though, we decided to uproot and move to SIBKL. Joined a cell called Joy of the Lord.

2009 – Bought my first Nikon DSLR. Joined SIBKL’s photography ministry.

2011 – Started Dating. Uprooted from singlehood.

2012 – Got married!

2013 – Uprooted from living with parents to my own home.

2014 – Had my first kid, Hailey. Say goodbye to a good night’s rest.

2016 – Uprooted from Nikon and sold everything. Jump ship to FujiFilm.

2017 – Uprooted from a hobby since secondary school. Burned all my Magic The Gathering collection. Started memorizing the book of Romans.

2018 – Uprooted from Ampang Park. Got gazetted by the government. Uprooted after 12 years from Joy of the Lord cell group because searching for a more family-oriented cell. Joined Cloud & Fire.

2020 – Had my second kid, Zacharias. Bye bye good night’s rest, again.

2021 – Uprooted from 10+ years in photography ministry, uprooted from Cloud & Fire after 3 years, Uprooted after 15 years in SIBKL. Hello Kingdomcity?

2022 – And so here we are, at age 40. Uprooted from so many things and having to find new place to grow roots again.

ƒ/2 1/500 35mm ISO400 – 17 Jan 2010

Thankfully my main roots are grounded in Jesus Christ. An unwavering faith in Him alone. So whatever seasons I go through, Jesus Christ is the Vine and my branch will share in the nourishing of His vine.

Thanks for taking 4 minutes of your life to read my 40 years of life.