My wife said the video’s title sounds like a clickbait. hahaha

But the vlog is done. And the winning thumbnail shot of this monkey was taken by Hailey. Well done!

My family went for a Chinese New Year celebration reunion at Bukit Tinggi.

Bukit Tinggi is quite a distance from Gentings. On top of that there are winding roads. Needless to say it’s pretty secluded and you’ll not find any other civilization outside of Berjaya Hills.

This is a note to self if ever I go Bukit Tinggi for a trip again :

  • Drinking water is not provided by the resort.
  • The aircon has no remote. If it’s cold, it’s gonna be that temp for the whole duration.
  • Do not feed the monkey signs are everywhere.
  • Eating fish when in Gohtong Jaya is expensive. RM198@kg! (USD47.33@kg!)
  • You get free entrance to ColMar and rabbit park for free if you are staying at Berjaya Hills. Produce proper documentation else there’s a toll booth for RM14@adult.

Other than the above, the weather is great, view is beautiful, no crowd, relatively good mobile reception and great company!