In 2007, I’ve memorized the book of James NIV 1984.

Started memorizing Romans ESV in 2017.

There may be a significance of years ending with “7”. In any case I’m planning to continue memorizing till my dying day.

Why Romans?

SIBKL was having a full on memorizing quiz on Romans in 2016. I guess that’s about the time I had a breakthrough finding the motivation and inspiration on what to memorize. The church when through chapter by chapter of Romans scattered throughout the year of 2017.

Why ESV?

I love the NIV. However they updated it, so technically I’m only used to the NIV 1984 version which is highly popular. But for accuracy, KJV was recommended (not NKJV, which has no link to KJV). However I can’t see myself quoting thee thou thus.

ESV’s preface says there are bibles that are “thought for thought” or “word for word”, and ESV is nearly word for word with KJV with a more modern lingo. This way I don’t have to God’s Word interpreted twice.

It is all personal preference though. Better that one reads their bible of any authorized version than to have the Bible shelves and collecting dust.

How Do You Memorize?

I’ve developed a few tools that worked for me. I memorize in chapters.

  1. Listen to the audio bible chapter a few times to gain context.
  2. Print that chapter big enough to cover A4 paper. Stick a few around the home. Put one in the wallet.
  3. Remove as many distractions as possible.
  4. Set a time to memorize a few verses a day.
  5. Recite whatever you can whenever you can (while in shower, jam, idling in queue etc)
  6. Optional App : Scripture Typer Bible Memory. I use this app to gauge my accuracy and reminds me to rehearse previous chapters.

Use any tools at your disposal.

  • Hand gestures
  • write it out
  • rehearse in front of Family
  • Record and playback
  • make a song of it
  • have a friend to journey with

the list is endless, only stay motivated!

Scripture Typer Bible Memory

This app is free to use for the first 50 verses. The famous Romans 8 has 39 verses. That beautiful pinnacle chapter of our Christian faith.

As seen above, I’ve “nailed down” 10 chapters of Romans.

Moving Forward

I’m not sure where God is leading me with this memorizing. But I’m sure it’s the right direction till kingdom come.