Splurge and Indulge! A window of opportunity came up to purchase this baby at a bargain. I hope this lens now has cured all my GAS 😉

Macro photography holds a place in my heart for sharp images and ability to go closer to the subject. I used to have a Nikon 105mm macro, but since jumping ship to fujifilm, I wasn’t too happy with the 60mm’s 1:2 ratio. Moreover it’s slow, noisy and 80mm macro was announced to be in the pipeline.

Both shots were shot as close as possible to get 1:1. As the result shows, extension tubes can help get you closer to your subject, but at a cost of image quality.

Here’s some first test shots with the Fujifilm 80mm Macro with and without extension tubes.

Click on the bug to see more buggy details!

Shot as close as possible

Shot with Extension Tube 10mm + 16mm

100% cropped. Shot using stock lens.

100% cropped. Shot with Extension Tube 10mm + 16mm

At first I thought it was my camera shake that caused the bug’s eye to lose details. Subsequent upgrade to a tripod with a 10-second timer, it didn’t help either.

My conclusion, this may be the last time I’m using extension tubes on a macro lens as I rather love the sharpness.