Shh don’t tell anyone 🤫 I’m using BigPay and it’s amazing!

It’s a powerful app that tracks your expenses and lets you manage your money in real time 💵 More than a boring e-wallet, BigPay comes with a striking blue card that you can use anywhere in the world!

When you travel, you only pay the actual exchange rate (same or better than XE). Plus, you save money on AirAsia flights and earn BIG Points.

Sign up now – it’s completely free. Use my referral code and we’ll both get RM10 when you sign up!

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This is going to be big!

I never thought I’ll be excited over something like this. But BigPay has been getting a lot of my attention.

To begin, it’s a debit card. Which means to can only spend money that you have. Like most E-Wallets.

What’s unique though about BigPay is that once activated, you actually receive a physical card (7 days to arrive). Where can you use it? Anywhere there’s a MasterCard accepted. And that’s just the beginning…

Below are some benefits I can think of right off the bat:

  1. Accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted.
  2. E-wallets require internet connection. BigPay physical card doesn’t.
  3. Transfers between BigPay users are absolutely free, and instantanous.
  4. Being a debit card, means you can only lose the amount you store inside.
  5. If you lose your card, you can freeze the card from the app! No need to call bank. Find back your card or get it replaced (for a fee).
  6. Get AirAsia points when you swipe with the card. Points redeemable for flights and merchandises. At the time of writing, RM10 gives you 1 point. 1 way ticket to Melborne takes 44,000 points. Which means you gotta swipe RM440,000 for that free ticket. lolz.
  7. Cheaper AirAsia flights.
  8. Cheaper flight meals (on AirAsia of coz).
  9. When overseas, you only pay the actual exchange rate.
  10. No need to let the bank know you are overseas.
  11. If in need of instant cash, may withdraw from any ATM for a RM10 fee.
  12. The app has analytics and breakdowns of your expenditure.
  13. Best part is, if you download the app today, and use my Referral code 0XVAZCTP8P , you and I will both get RM10 each after you activate. Win-win-win!
  14. If you are feeling generous, you may send me some money via QR code too 😉

So who’s BigPay for?

For those who can’t have a credit card. Students, or even your kids who need a card but can’t apply for one yet.

For those who are thrifty. Spending money you already have, makes you think twice compared to spending money you have to pay.

For travellers. Cheaper flights, cheaper meals, cheaper conversion rates.

Down Sides of BigPay

Don’t pump undetermined amount of Petrol with it. It will deduct RM200 from your balance and refund unused amount 3 days later.

Other than that, I’m a now a big fan of BigPay.